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Lfestyle Equipment PCB Assembly Service

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Lifestyle Equipment like smart home appliances are a fast-growing sector. XINRUNDA has successfully entered the industry and has been cooperating with some customers. Our service included but not limited to:

•  Robot Vacuum Cleaner PCB Assembly

•  Recording Equipment PCB Assembly

•  Personal Care Appliances PCB Assembly

•  Smart Home Appliances PCB Assembly

•  Home Monitoring Device PCB Assembly

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Service Introduction

Most Lifestyle Devices are connected to the Internet, allowing users to control them remotely and receive real-time information. The functions of those smart appliances are becoming more and more complex, and the main components to realize these functions are derived from PCBs. Thus, PCB Assembly is also particularly crucial for the excellent performance of lifestyle equipment.

We are ready to work with our customers, assisting them to deliver advanced lifestyle equipment and products that make our life more convenient.

Production Capacity

Our Lifestyle Equipment PCBA Service Capabilities

Assembly Type

Single-sided, with components on one side of the board only, or double-sided, with components on both sides.


Multilayer, with many PCBs assembled and laminated together to form a single unit.

Mounting Technologies

Surface mount (SMT), plated through-hole (PTH), or both.

Inspection Techniques

Medical PCBA demands precision and perfection. The PCB inspection and testing is carried out by our team of experts who are proficient in various inspection and testing techniques, allowing us to catch any potential problems during the assembly process before they cause any major issues down the road.

Testing Procedures

Visual inspection, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), ICT (In-Circuit Test) , Functional testing

Testing Methods

In Process Test,Reliability Test,Functional Test,Software Test

One-Stop Service

Design, Project, Sourcing, SMT, COB, PTH, Wave Solder, Testing, Assembly, Transport

Other Service

Product Design, Engineering Development, Components Procurement and Material Management, Lean Manufacturing, Test, and Quality Management.


ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO13485:2016, IATF16949:2016

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